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The Goals

The global economy has entered the era of knowledge economy with creative economy as its core and driving force in the 21st century. The Creative Economy era takes the Technology as its core. Creative economy means making money with wisdom, and creating wealth with creative ideas. As an open platform, 1735 adopts continuous innovation technology, aiming at the goal of helping enterprises realize economic transformation by using creativity.


Gives enterprises opportunities for digitalization transformation


Gathers allies who embrace the digitalization future together

A Program

Promote continuous digitalization transformation projects


That encourage openness, innovation and creativity

A CSR (Corporate Sharing Responsibility)

Is our duty to share more information about how to help digital Transformation

The Foundations & Elements

The Key Modules To Success

Built On The Basis Of CO5 Ecosphere


Community sharing, business pages


Determine your resources and their value in the future


The key to building social networks


A way to achieve greater future successes


The mandatory method for the consultation project is to provide consultation service and plan

Catering To The 5T Element

We fully understand that


is today's



we make a call here,

to invite every Micro Business & Small and Medium Enterprise ( SME )


in the digitalization


Who needs the digitalization transformation?

Think Of Survival First

No matter what’s kind of vision for the future you have, you must perform digitalization transformation for the purpose of going as far as the others.

In other words, you or me or any enterprise, whoever would like to move forward must perform a digitalization transformation. Enterprises can only have more possibilities when they're able to survive.

FB, Instagram are social platforms. Applying social platform is only part of the digitalization because it can only help enterprises expose to more customers while doing external marketing. It cannot help enterprises realize comprehensive digitalization in operation management by integrating resources.

Why You Need It

If you don't undergo a transform, there will be emerging enterprises arise and replace you.

COVID-19 epidemic broke out all over the world. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, every countries took different epidemic prevention measures, such as closing borders and implementing blockade measures, thereby commercial activities has greatly affected.

According to the survey, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, SMEs encounter the problems of management and business collaboration, resulting in stagnation of production, operation and cash-flow distress, etc. Therefore, in order to sustain, enterprises must overcome the challenges of continuity and innovation.

The Last Straw For Enterprises Under This Epidemic


Continuous technology is a technology that develops along the existing technology, while disruptive innovation refers to technology encounters OIC (Open + Innovation + Creativity) after it is invented by human beings.

Digitalization transformation integrates digital technology into business, fundamentally change the daily operations of enterprises, thus opening up a new development path for enterprises and providing higher value for customers.

The Solutions

How It Works


APP Creation Engine. Covering fields of clothing, food, housing, transportation, education, music, green, kindness, business, enterprise and people.


The stronghold of the community. An indispensable part of enterprises and users. It’s also the beginning between enterprises and users.


Socialized sales channels.A simple and ready-made product sales template by integrating payment channel and one-click sharing, allowing purchase and payment in a quick manner.


Every enterprise can be KOL. Whether it is through live stream or sharing information, your message can be delivered to accurate customers through early bundling.

We’re here to help you realize digitalization transformation

If you are looking for someone to build an APP for you, we are ready for you right here!

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